My name is Renata. I was born in 1985 in Milan, married to a teacher in a middle school virtually always. I love my job because it allows me to get in touch with pre-teenagers and to see them grow, as I often like to repeat: “They pay me for doing what I would do for free” (but do not tell the minister, you never know).

I love reading, photography and spending my time strolling in the park. Mountain, cinema, good food and travel, especially in old Europe. I can not stand arrogance, bullying and noise. I’m curious, quite unconventional, I like to look at reality and take an idea of ​​everything around me.

I also often attend as a speaker at various events: company meetings, events dedicated to entrepreneurs or organized by trade associations, webinars and seminars. I inspire people to grow. Because in the end, as Gandhi said, life is far more than going fast. I therefore consider part-time work as the evolution of humanity. That is why I am working on a Time Book, the most valuable resource (and most expense) of entrepreneurs. It will have many points of view on the subject. Would you tell me yours?